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Fuji Xerox customer support

Fuji Xerox has a New Zealand-wide service operation dedicated to keeping your business provided with the best care available. We pride ourselves on having the most skilled service team in New Zealand.

In fact, the average length of service of our engineers is approximately 12.5 years. That’s dedication, and that’s a good indication that with Fuji Xerox your needs are in good hands.

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Efficient service is our specialty
Fuji Xerox has more front-line customer service engineers and technical specialists working to support you than any other company in the industry. Our engineers and system analysts work with you to ensure your solution is installed quickly and efficiently. From the moment you call, the response times of our technicians lead the industry. We can even develop a special service level agreement to suit your own unique needs.

Engineers undergo formal, certified product training for all products. 
Digital and networking skills training is conducted at four levels – Digital Knowledge Certificate (DKC) 1 & 2 and Xerox Digital Engineer (XDE) 1 & 2.
Electrical registration, first aid and H&S related training are mandatory.
Software analyst training is provided according to product requirements.

We’ll show you how it’s done
Although Fuji Xerox machines are designed to be intuitive, training your staff can help them quickly understand the full functionality of the machines. We have a vast resource of specialised trainers offering on and off site training on hardware and software that are only a phone call away. We see this training as an investment in both our futures. 

We’re here to help you
Such is the exceptional level of our customer service that we’ve won awards for it. How? Because we recognise the importance of customer service and we have developed a range of ways that you can easily get in contact with us, and receive the assistance you need.

Order your supplies online
Xerox Direct, Fuji Xerox’s online shopping facility makes it a breeze for you to order supplies and machine consumables online 24/7. Xerox Direct is the fastest, most cost efficient way to order. Register today at 

Online Support
Online Support Assistant (OSA) is a powerful, fully searchable web enabled database of product information and FAQ’s. It allows you to find help in a fast, efficient and self-directed manner. 

24 hour service call placement
By logging your service calls through e-logging, our online call placement system, you can log service calls 24 hours per day. This ensures the call is placed as soon as you require service, preventing any delays.