eMeter Automatic Meter Readings

Fuji Xerox offers you flexible automatic meter reading solutions via either your new device or through a simple software program installed on your business’ server. Meter readings are simply communicated to Fuji Xerox via email, eliminating the need for you to read the meter manually!

eMeter - Device

eMeter device enables your multifunction device to automatically email your meter readings to Fuji Xerox on a weekly basis.

This product offering utilises the scan to e-mail settings in your multifunction device to e-mail Fuji Xerox New Zealand with your meter reading.

eMeter - device is available on almost all new and some previous generation office multifunction devices;

DC-IV C2260
DC-III C3100/4100
DC/AP-II C2200/3300/4300
DC/AP-III C2200/2201/3300
DC/AP-IV C2270/3370/4470/5570
DC/AP-III C5500/6500/7600
DC/AP-II C5400/6500/7500

Black & White
AP/DC II 6000/7000
AP/DC II 5010/4000/3000
DC III 2007/3007
DC II 2005/2055/3005

eMeter - Server 

eMeter - Server is a simple software program that you simply install on your server. This application uses a list of your Fuji Xerox multifunction devices IP addresses to search the network and retrieve the meter readings. The scheduler services allows this to be run at regular intervals and automatically e-mail the data to Fuji Xerox.

eMetre Server reads the metres on almost all Fuji Xerox office multifunction machines launched from 2004 onwards including:


DCC 240/320/400
DCC 250/360/450
DCC 3000

Black & White

DC/AP 350/450/550/650/750

Request eMeter

To request eMeter please email our business support team bsg@nzl.fujixerox.com who will contact you with the latest version of eMeter.