Press Release - 11th October 2007

Published Thursday 11 Oct 2007

Fuji Xerox New Zealand obtains Environmental Accreditation

AUCKLAND 11, October 2007. One of the world's most recognised technology brands, Fuji Xerox, has recently obtained the Environmental Choice New Zealand accreditation as demonstration of its continued commitment to best environmental practice.

The environmental accreditation is a voluntary labelling programme run by New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust operating to international environmental standards and principles. The programme is initiated by the New Zealand Government and recognises the genuine moves made by manufacturers to improve the environmental performance of their products.

The products are given the environmental tick by reducing environmental impact, using fewer consumables and being energy efficient. Fuji Xerox completed a rigorous process to ensure its products are environmentally friendly in order to obtain the environmental mark.

The environmental labels are designed to inform customers of the relevant environmental impacts of the products. Environmental labelling identifies a product as less harmful to the environment than another product of similar nature.

“Fuji Xerox New Zealand has always been concerned with environmental sustainability, and now we are taking it a step further to obtain an accreditation which illustrates our commitment to the environment,” Neil Whittaker, Managing Director, Fuji Xerox New Zealand.

“Fuji Xerox is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that help New Zealand businesses maximise efficiency and drive out cost, while maintaining an obligation to our environment,” says Whittaker.

Fuji Xerox’s commitment to the environment is further illustrated through its support of environmental programmes such as the Sir Peter Blake Trust where it supports the environmental efforts of the Trust. Fuji Xerox also offers a full cartridge recycling service for its customers. Furthermore, new Fuji Xerox equipment contains up to 97% recyclable or reusable components, demonstrating the company’s assurance to its environmental stance.

This accreditation adds to Fuji Xerox’s environmental certification of ISO14001 which was awarded 4 years ago in all of its branch offices nationwide.

The range of technology that has been accredited includes:  

  • DC 2005, DC 2055, DC 3005
  • DC 900, DC 1100
  • DC 6000, DC 7000
  • AP 6000, AP 7000
  • DCC 2200, DCC 3300, DCC4300
  • APC 2200, APC 3300, APC 4300
  • DCC 7550, DCC 6550, DCC 5540
  • APC 7550, APC 6550, APC 5540
  • DocuColor 5065ll
  • DC 3000, DC 4000, DC 5010
  • AP 3000, AP 4000, AP 5010





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