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Our business intelligence and analytics platform helps you realise the value of your organisational information, without adding cost or complexity. You’ll work faster and much, much smarter.

Make the most of your data with our process-aware solutions. Enjoy superior functionality without incurring the expense associated with conventional business intelligence and analytic s products. Achieve maximised operational performance while improving decision-making. Operational excellence is only a click away.


Risk-free decision making
Consistent operational compliance
Rapid implementation
Reduced expense with no customised coding
Combine trusted information from across your organisation into meaningful and valuable business data. Gain near real-time insights into your organisation with a single version of the truth.

Most organisations have siloes of information from legacy systems, disparate and incompatible applications and organisation changes. Unlock, cleanse, transform, unify and deliver your data into a trustworthy and useable source of information.


Data integrity
Consistent metrics across the organisation
Gain new insights with interactive views of your organisation’s performance and productivity. By area, by team, by business process.

Our solution’s optimised and interactive web-based dashboards reveal and highlight how well your organisation’s systems are working. Dashboard development is programming-free. Just drag and drop, point and click. Create and share tailored dashboards across all end-user devices without reverting to specialist IT knowledge or third party tools. Automated alerts and customised reports are just a few of the other valuable tools at hand.

Administrators can report with clarity on the performance, accuracy and costs of all operational areas. Real-time trends are captured so every business decision you make is fast and fact-based.


A clear graphical view of business performance and processes
Meaningful information is captured and presented