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Business Process Management

Automated document-driven business processes


Combine the power of your systems of engagement with your systems of record to improve your ability to respond to your customers’ needs. Gain a competitive advantage, while substantially reducing operating costs.

By integrating the information in your ERP with your ECM, we can provide the versatility and power of multichannel capture, streamlined document and business processes, and mobile and analytics capabilities – all without cost-intensive modifications. At last, you can work with virtually error-free information and provide communication options to your customers. So they can talk to you on their terms, how and when they want.

With near real-time analytics of content and process data at hand, it’s easier to make informed, prompt and effective decisions. You also gain valuable insights into optimising your business processes.


Reduced manual processing and associated errors
Improved competitive positioning and profitability
Reduced operating costs
Optimised customer experience
Deliver the valuable information you’ve collected from your website or web portal directly into your enterprise applications. Quickly, cleanly and in a usable format.

Our information integration and automation platform provides the fastest and most efficient way to automatically acquire, enhance, and deliver web-supplied information into enterprise applications. By turning previously unattainable, unusable, or costly information into ready-to-use data, you benefit from improved productivity and gain new insights into your customer’s decision-making process.

We can also automate the process of accessing data from market and competitor sites, legacy systems, databases and Microsoft Excel.


Realise the full value of collected information
Understand your customers' decision-making process
Centralise data for improved analytics

Use automation to take the challenge out of variable case management business processes. You’ll have happier customers and employees, and achieve better outcomes.

With dynamic case management, your organisation can dynamically create and track the workflows needed to address rapidly changing and incident-specific requirements. Not only can multiple business applications be orchestrated, but employees receive data in context. Improving or speeding up workflows, means decisions can be made more quickly in instances such as exception handling or case resolution.

Processes like customer on-boarding, patient encounters, insurance claims and virtually any form of legal agreement – each of which involves unique processes, tasks, decisions and approvals - can all be automated.


Rapid and more responsive decisions
Automated unique processes
You can easily track any changes to a previously approved document or message with an embedded digital signature. It ensures signer intent, authenticity, and data integrity.

By using our cryptographic, personalised X509 PKI digital signature technology, the certified non-repudiation of signed and sealed documents is guaranteed. Not only is the process immediate, but a fully compliant audit trail is displayed. The unique signature can also be verified online or offline for long-term archiving, and the technology is compatible with any device.


Ongoing data integrity
Automated reminders, due date, and auto extend
Certified notice of signing process completion
Auditable and verified data
Save time and money with a fully optimised accounts payable process. Experience new levels of efficiency with automated invoice verification, entry and submission for approval.

Paper-free vendor invoice processing is a reality. Our system uses intelligent capture, touchless processing and electronic workflow capabilities. Regardless of invoice format, data capture is accurate and highly efficient, across 120+ languages. Your AP staff can be redeployed to more productive roles because our solution requires no human interaction. The result - a faster payment cycle with no invoice duplication, missed vendor discounts or late penalties. Ever.


Processing of invoices accelerated by over 65%
Invoice processing costs reduced by as much as 60%
Maximised ERP investment
Improved AP employee and vendor satisfaction

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Simplify your hiring process. Automate the time-consuming steps required to add a new employee to your organisation, while ensuring compliance with your HR processes. Welcome on board!

Bringing on just one new employee requires a multitude of actions and approvals from many individuals, in a range of different departments within an organisation. Use DocuShare to automate the whole process from the creation of web-based job application forms through to preparing and sending a letter offering the successful candidate a position. A virtually paperless process will manage all the complexities of approvals, and expedite the onboarding process.


Faster and more efficient processing of job applicants
Automated scheduling of on-boarding tasks