About Fuji Xerox New Zealand

About Fuji Xerox New Zealand

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Fuji Xerox is a global brand synonymous with leadership in document services. We provide state-of-the-art digital printing technologies, enterprise document solutions and business processes, outsourced services and supplies. We help our customers solve complex document-related issues and streamline their workflows and processes. 

About Fuji Xerox New Zealand

Fuji Xerox New Zealand was established in 1964 and we employ around 500 staff nationwide.

We partner with senior executives and business owners throughout New Zealand to help them find innovative and low-risk document and digital print solutions that drive greater agility, visibility, sustainability and overall efficiency. Our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs and helping them overcome business challenges has seen us emerge as a clear market leader. 

Our New Zealand headquarters are in Auckland. Our Asia Pacific regional headquarters are in Singapore, and coordinate the activities of 15 subsidiary companies and joint venture operations in Australia (Fuji Xerox Australia and Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions), Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. 

Our Mission

To help people discover better ways to carry out great work – by constantly leading in document technologies, products and services that improve our customers’ work processes and business results. 

Our Philosophy

• To be a strong company that delivers excellent products and services, and is able to continuously reward its shareholders.
• To be a kind company that contributes to local and global communities with a particular focus on young people.
• To be an interesting company where employees find their life and work fulfilling. 

Company History

Our history began over 70 years ago when Chester Carlson, a patent attorney in the US, invented xerography.

We continue this spirit of innovation by providing solutions and products that enable our customers to transform their print environment, embrace digital transformation, optimise business processes and work more effectively and sustainably. 

Mission Statement

Our business domain comprises support for work process reforms within the working environment. By providing products and services of value we will support people in effectively utilizing information and knowledge to be more creative. 

We will build mutual trust among stakeholders by growing as a company and offering new forms of value through our business activities.Trust will engender respect for diversity, forming a foundation for worldwide cultural advancement.

Through our work we will seek to enhance our expertise and human ability. We will use the personal growth and sense of fulfillment thus achieved as energizing forces in our organization and business to bring development and enrichment to society.     

Shared Values

Deliver outstanding products and services originating from market needs and social issues

Create new value based on creative thinking unfettered by preconceived ideas

Generate results by determining the real issues before making decisions and seeking efficient processes

Seek overall optimization and mutual development through reliance on and cooperation with others inside and outside Fuji Xerox

Comply with legal and societal norms and always maintain good faith and fairness in business

Respect individuals and different cultures, and live considerately alongside others as members of society

Key Facts

• No 1 in Customer Satisfaction1
• Industry first: Product Stewardship Scheme accredited by the Ministry for the      
•Proud to re-use and recycle over 99.5% of our end-of-life products
•Partner with 47 of NZ's top organisations2

1Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS)
22016 New Zealand CIO 100 List