Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team

Managing Director & Company Director

Peter Thomas is the Managing Director at Fuji Xerox New Zealand.

Peter comes into the role of Managing Director from the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Fuji Xerox New Zealand which he has held since early 2016. He started at FXNZ on 1 September 2015 in the role of General Manager, with responsibilities including HR, Facilities, Logistics and Legal. Following an organisational restructure, he became the COO, and a Board member of FXNZ from 1 April 2016. As COO, he has been leading the transformation of Fuji Xerox New Zealand and driving widespread change throughout the organisation. This has included establishing an appropriate governance and management system to address the issues that were highlighted in the recent IIC report.

Peter brings to the role decades of experience, as well as his core values of integrity, diversity, empathy, commitment and achievement. He is enthusiastic about everything he undertakes, and has an excellent track record across all facets of management and leadership.

Before joining Fuji Xerox, Peter had a 22 year career with Westpac Banking Corporation, which included senior roles in the financial markets international business and corporate banking units. From 2005-2007 Peter was part of the Westpac Executive Leadership Team as GM of Customer Solutions and Delivery.

He has also worked in Government, as Chief Information Officer for the NZ Defence Force, and was the inaugural Deputy CEO of the corporate services division of the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE), where he led the merger of the corporate functions of the four ministries that became MBIE.

Outside of work, Peter plays a leading role in a number of community and not-for-profit organisations.

CFO & Company Director

Graham Cook is the Chief Financial Officer at Fuji Xerox New Zealand, where he is responsible for Finance, Business Planning and Audit, Risk & Compliance. He also oversees the Business Support Group (BSG) and is a Director of the company.

GM Sales

Richard Baber is the General Manager of Sales at Fuji Xerox New Zealand, where he’s responsible for the full sales organisation and managing client relationships across the company’s product, solution and service offerings.

Before joining Fuji Xerox, Richard was heavily immersed in the IT industry. He held Sales Manager and General Manager roles in several multinational organisations in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. After over 30 years of working for companies including IBM, SAP, Computer Associates and Hewlett-Packard, he joined Fuji Xerox New Zealand in September 2016 as National Sales Manager.

In October 2017 Richard was appointed General Manager of Sales. An avowed ‘people person’, he is invested in reflecting Fuji Xerox’s people-first vision across the whole working environment.

Richard majored in Computer Science and Accounting at Victoria University of Wellington. He and his partner left the capital for Auckland when he was offered the position with Fuji Xerox. When time allows, he’s also a keen fisherman.

GM Enterprise Consulting

Cameron Mount leads a nationwide team of strategic consultants and analysts. He and his team specialise in helping organisations identify the best path to take in their digital transformation journey and eliminate outdated work practices.

With close to 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Cameron has worked with some of New Zealand’s leading organisations to optimise their document and data processes, improve employee productivity, provide process visibility and control operational costs. Cameron has an unrelenting focus on helping organisations implement better processes and realise better business outcomes.

GM Marketing

Cassandra Powell is the General Manager of Marketing at Fuji Xerox New Zealand, where she’s responsible for leading the company’s marketing strategy, and ensuring the profitability and growth targets for a broad range of product offerings are met.

Cassandra has over 15 years of marketing, communications and business development experience in the IT industry. She was the Senior Marketing and Communications Manager for Fuji Xerox Singapore where she and her team set up the marketing framework and structure that’s still being used by the company today. Cassandra also spent two years implementing an opportunity and client-centric marketing program for Accenture across the ASEAN region.

Cassandra joined Fuji Xerox New Zealand in 2015 to develop and drive the marketing strategy for the Solutions and Services portfolio. In April 2017 she took on the role of Communications and Marketing Manager.

Today, she manages a team of marketers to design, develop and execute digital marketing strategies and drive go-to-market, and bids and tenders’ initiatives. Cassandra and her team have consistently generated quantifiable value to the sales team through their creative marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Cassandra graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Hons). 

GM Sales Operations

Ruth Constantine is the General Manager of Sales Operations at Fuji Xerox New Zealand, where she’s responsible for delivering an effective start-to-end sales fulfilment process.

After graduating from university in late 2011, Ruth joined the Fuji Xerox New Zealand marketing team as a Marketing Analyst. After two years in this role Ruth tried out a similar position at Pumpkin Patch, before being invited back to Fuji Xerox as a Marketing Executive in preparation for the role of Marketing Planning Manager. Subsequently offered an operational role in the national sales support team, she was appointed as General Manager of Sales Operations in late 2017. She’s the youngest member of the Fuji Xerox senior leadership team.

Ruth leads a number of teams, including the nationwide Sales Support, Sales Fulfilment and Installation teams, ensuring that customers’ expectations of lead times and delivery are met throughout the sales process, and customer satisfaction is measured post-implementation.

Ruth has a Graduate Diploma in Accounting and Marketing from Auckland University, and is currently completing an MBA. She and her husband are avid sportspeople, and regularly play social and competitive touch and tag rugby.

GM Customer Service

Bevan McDonald is the General Manager of Customer Service at Fuji Xerox New Zealand, where he’s responsible for leading the company’s engineering and logistics teams. His mandate is ensuring excellence in every aspect of customer service delivery.

Bevan began his career as a Plastics Engineer. He moved into a Sales Engineer role, and spent six years working for the country’s leading provider of steel solutions, Steel and Tube. He joined the commercial sales team at Fuji Xerox in 2004 as an Area Sales Manager, and in 2012 he took on the role of Sales and Operations Manager for the provincial areas. In recognition of his strong operational skills, Bevan was appointed as the General Manager of Customer Service in 2016, and became part of the Fuji Xerox New Zealand senior leadership team.

On a day-to-day basis Bevan manages the overall performance of Fuji Xerox New Zealand customer service engineers and analysts, and the smooth running of the company’s supply chain.

Bevan is married with two daughters. He’s had a lifelong passion for motorcycles, especially motocross and off-road riding, and is an enthusiastic member of the Rodney Motorcycle Club.

GM Legal and HR

Danielle Everett is the General Manager of Legal and Human Resources at Fuji Xerox New Zealand, where she’s responsible for Legal, HR, Facilities, Quality Office, Sustainability and Compliance. Her comprehensive portfolio represents a range of high-value support functions within the business.

Before joining Fuji Xerox, Danielle worked as a Commercial Manager for Health Benefits (a New Zealand crown-owned company) and held senior roles at Barclays Bank in Singapore, and in the Telco sector in New Zealand. She also worked as Legal Counsel for ExxonMobile

After she joined Fuji Xerox in 2016 in the role of Legal and Procurement Manager, Danielle’s commercial and legal acumen, and drive for excellence quickly established her as a key figure in the business. In 2017 she was appointed to her current GM role and promoted to the company’s senior leadership team. 

Danielle has a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws conjoint degree in Law and Psychology from University of Otago.