Our EPBB management suite manages consumables to ensure you have the right quantity available when you need it. Meter Reading is automated to ensure effortless and accurate billing. EPBB assists in proactive technical support to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of our support team, while minimising wait times.

Billing Meters, Consumable Alerts, Fault Alert, and Usage Counter information is sent securely via the internet to the Fuji Xerox servers. Depending on the alert received, either a consumable order or a service call is automatically generated and flagged for action by our support team. 

EP-BB Form

EP-BB Managment

Under Fuji Xerox’s management, accurate meter readings are retrieved automatically. This, eliminates the productive time normally lost through the process of manually checking and submitting reports.

Fuji Xerox automates the supply replenishment process by proactively re-ordering consumables once they reach pre-determined levels. Each time a consumable item is ordered you are alerted, ensuring you’ll always know replacement consumables are close at hand.


The Multifunction Device (MFD) will communicate directly to the Fuji Xerox EP data centre. Data transmitted through EP includes maintenance or counter information, such as: billing meters, fault alerts, consumable alerts and usage counters. The information we receive comes through as shown below.

Your machine is already fully set up with EP within the MFD. No additional software is required to be installed on the network.
EP will require network access and an internet connection. You will need to inform your Fuji Xerox sales representative or account manager, when the network information of devices is changed or your device is moved. For example: due to relocation of devices, or re-configuration of network settings. 

Do I must have replacement consumables on site?
EP is designed to resupply your consumables before they run out and send your consumable to your device location.For high volume customers a spare set of consumables on site may be recommended. If you have multiple machines of the same model, Fuji Xerox will advise the required number of replacement consumables.

How will I know if Fuji Xerox has detected that my consumables are low?
EP will notify you immediately via email after detecting a low or empty consumable. There is no need to ring and order your consumables. By default, the machine contact will receive an email on consumable order confirmation.

What consumables does EP include?
EP covers toners, drums and waste toner. Staples are chargeable and will require you to place an order either via phone.   

How do I check what items I have on order?
A list of all orders is available via “MyAccount”. Website: http://myaccount.fujixerox.co.nz

When delivered, how do I know which MFD the consumables are intended for?
Each MFD contains a “Location” field, to which you can add any information you like (Printer Number, Floor location etc).  This text will be displayed in e-mail notifications and consumable delivery dockets.

I haven’t received a notification and some consumables look low, What should I do?
If you haven’t received any form of notification that Fuji Xerox has detected a low consumable and you are concerned that the device may stop working as a result, please contact Fuji Xerox by e-mail: contact.centre@nzl.fujixerox.com or phone 0800 4 XEROX.

Will someone still call or email me for the meter readings?
No, your MFD will send alerts containing the meter readings to Fuji Xerox on a weekly basis, these meter reading will be entered directly into the billing system.

What options does Fuji Xerox have for machines that aren’t EP-BB compatible?
E-Server solution is a solution to provide meter readings for machines not compatible with EP-BB. Please contact your account manager for more information on E-Server. 

EP-BB Whitepaper

EP Security Whitepaper

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