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Fuji Xerox believes in the power of people working together. 

We value employees who are highly motivated and want to work (and play) in teams. Our people are prepared to roll up their sleeves, put customers and colleagues first, and actively share information.

Fuji Xerox’s continuing high performance, and people perceptions of us, depend entirely on everyone doing their best. Our internal culture is built on loyalty, honesty, integrity and diversity.  Fuji Xerox people are hardworking, friendly and proud to be part of an internationally-known brand of excellence. 
Working at Fuji Xerox is more than just a job, it’s a career choice that offers support, development, training, choices and a future with an ethical and innovative organisation.

Information about Joining our Team

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Learning is an experience that lasts a lifetime. Acquiring new skills and abilities whenever the opportunity arises is the key to moving forward and staying competitive.

We believe learning is not only good for you as our employee, it’s great for our company too. 

Fuji Xerox encourages a work environment where you have the clarity of direction, information, development and support you need to excel. There are many opportunities for you to learn and grow - we want our people to set goals that require them to update their skills and increase their knowledge. The organisation benefits, the employees benefit. It’s a win-win situation.