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Fuji Xerox New Zealand launches DocuShare 7 content management solution

Fuji Xerox New Zealand today launches the latest version of its Enterprise Content Management software solution, DocuShare 7.

Designed with usability, flexibility and convenience in mind, Fuji Xerox DocuShare 7 is an ECM platform that works the way users do. Complete with a customisable interface to suit individual work styles, it is also fully mobile-friendly. Suitable for small to medium size businesses and large enterprises, DocuShare 7 is aimed at reducing costs, labour and risks associated with document management, while enabling easier access to content for individuals and business processes.

DocuShare 7 provides a platform for content management, automation and collaboration across the organisation, says Cameron Mount, Fuji Xerox New Zealand General Manager, Enterprise Consulting. “As an ECM solution which supports automated workflows, this software allows information to be used more effectively by people in a variety of roles, while also making that content available to business processes to enable automated workflows,” he notes.

The content management features of DocuShare 7 allow organisations to centralise, manage, share and access information. It provides versioning, library services, auditing, cross-platform Web and mobile access, search and lifecycle management features to keep business files and content under control and quickly retrievable, scaling to millions of documents on a single system. Website Publishing capabilities enable documents to be reviewed and modified, without replacing the published version until it is selected as preferred. It links invisibly from other websites to content managed in DocuShare, and publishes information easily for public audiences.

Process automation features allow businesses to lower their operating costs and accelerate productivity. With DocuShare 7, organisations can streamline transactional business processes by automating routing, approval and other transactional steps.

With user-defined routing to create workflows, DocuShare 7 equips managers to set up simple approval processes, with content rules to link multiple intuitive user-defined automations. The software offers the ability to scan documents in, with automatic routing to persons or workflows, while electronic forms within the solution replace paper forms with digital processes.

Collaboration features include tools to create wikis, blogs, comments, discussions, team workspaces, RSS support, document routing and approval, and presence and calendaring.

Several New Zealand organisations are already using the solution, with results that demonstrate its efficacy in accelerating key business processes. After implementing DocuShare 7, Go Bus and Southern Cross Campus have both reduced the time taken to execute their Accounts Payable processes from ten days, to just two.

“With DocuShare 7, the ability to automate processes is achieved by making information available for use by various business departments and personnel. This is a solution which equips organisations to accelerate their performance, reduce the cost of key processes in finance, human resource management and more,” adds Mount.

Supported by Fuji Xerox New Zealand’s customer enablement training and customer support, DocuShare 7 ensures businesses are nimble in their approach to information management by streamlining and simplifying operational processes.

Transforming New Zealand SMB and Enterprise Content Management, DocuShare 7 offers:

A completely redesigned, mobile-friendly web interface and apps allow to securely manage, retrieve and distribute content from any device
“Minimal-click” user interface for greater productivity
Enhanced workflow and collaboration capabilities
Application integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) data and other business applications for direct access to stored documents
Reduced risk, improved control and enterprise-class security
Efficient compliance with comprehensive audit trails
Rapid adoption via a Web-based interface to allow distributed workforces to access and share information from anywhere.
The solution is currently being implemented by organisations across multiple industry verticals including commercial, enterprise, and education sectors.