The Future of Work: The Global Office

Now that companies are putting up offices in different and multiple locations, businesses want a more seamless work environment that cuts across borders and operates in real time. For the new Global Office, efficiency means having the right management tools to ensure security, convenience, and connectivity no matter where you are.

Designed to accelerate business evolution, Smart Work Gateway was created to suit the ever-changing needs of today’s office:

Future of Work

Work from anywhere knowing your data is secure.

Taking a holistic approach to data privacy, Smart Work Gateway incorporates security features that protect the entire information management life cycle; from the device level (document creation) to setting access rights for document sharing, and creating potential backups.

Future of Work

Connect on demand anytime, anywhere.

Capable of connecting directly with different cloud providers, Smart Work Gateway allows you to streamline existing document workflows by integrating internal processes and current cloud services into one system. Taking it a step further, office workers can connect through the new mobile app, which transforms any smartphone into a Portable UI panel. Imagine being able to manage your copy, scan, and print functions through your phone, whenever and wherever.


Future of Work

Interact with a more intuitive and universal user interface.

Careful thought has been put into redefining Smart Work Gateway's user experience (UI), making it easier for anyone to operate. The new, 10.1-inch, color UI touch panel responds to taps and swipes much like the screen of any smart device, greatly simplifying use. The intuitive design is operable by a single finger and can be tilted at different angles for better viewing. In addition, the UI program has been designed to support several languages, including Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified/traditional), Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese, a feature that can be easily switched to accommodate different users.


                                         The Central Hub : ApeosPort / DocuCentre VII

Smart Work Gateway transforms your multifunction device device into the central hub of your digital workplace.

More than a smart printer, the new ApeosPort/DocuCentre VII from Fuji Xerox upgrades your operations with the power and agility to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

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