Maintaining Data Security While Expanding in the Franchising Sector

While several large American and European franchise systems have already entered the Asia Pacific region, many local companies have created franchise businesses of their own and are beginning to expand throughout the area. As a result, the region’s franchise industry has been growing robustly, offering thousands of aspiring local entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own business with an established brand.

Like any other business model, however, franchising comes with its own set of challenges. The first major challenge involves maintaining a consistent and positive customer experience across new branches, which depends, in turn, on being able to deploy proprietary information from headquarters without compromising on data security and branch flexibility. The second major challenge involves supporting multiple new franchise locations without excessively increasing overhead costs. 

To provide solutions to these challenges, Fuji Xerox offers the ApeosWare Image Log Service and ApeosWare Management Suite. These solutions provide the following benefits:

Equipping franchisees’ document management processes with top-notch data security.
ApeosWare Image Log Management helps secure vital company information—such as training documents, promotional materials, and top secrete recipes—by tracking all processes involved in document handling and maintaining an audit trail. Operations such as copying, printing, scanning, and faxing can be logged with details on document types and users. This feature is especially useful for clients who want to keep their proprietary information secure against competitors. 

Enabling centralised and streamlined document management distribution
ApeosWare Management Suite (AWMS) allows food retail companies to manage and monitor all of their franchise operations; manage devices and their usage; and provide integrated authentication, print output, log accounting, and document distribution from a single point. The solution helps free up IT resources in both headquarters and franchise offices.


ApeosWare Management Suite enables the Head Office (Central Office) to manage and monitor all of their business operations from a central location—allowing managers to handle multiple devices, users, and offices/departments, from a single point.

Fuji Xerox’s impressive line-up of document management solutions allows franchise companies to gain the benefits of rapid expansion!

With Fuji Xerox tools and software, clients can enhance productivity by reducing the time and investment needed to configure and maintain data systems and equipment across different franchise locations and offices. In particular, a standard user training to access the devices is all that’s needed.

Cost Savings
A more efficient and user-friendly data management system allows for greater cost savings, especially since clients can reduce print wastage and no longer need to spend as much on IT resources.

There is a greater level of security knowing that you can track and monitor printed content. This way, clients can better prevent any data leakage.

Find out how Fuji Xerox can help you capitalise on the growth opportunities of the food franchising industry today!

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