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Dynamic Web Forms

Continual improvement of document work processes


Manual paperwork, and tedious and time-consuming data entry are some of the daily struggles experienced by many organisations. Over time, these never-ending challenges affect your staff productivity, the customer service experience and business processes.

Replace your paper forms with easily constructed web forms.

You’ll save money by making costly printed forms obsolete and enjoy the flexibility of updating your content at will. Best of all, you can streamline how you interact with your customers, and improve your response time. Everyone’s happy.

Our dynamic web forms solution also allows you to produce web forms with blistering speed. You don’t need any specialist IT knowledge, or expensive developers to design or build them, just use the in-built wizard to drag, drop and go. Built-in business rules ensure fields for mandatory data are always included. Your users only see the questions that apply to them, with automatic logic to ensure a smooth progression through the forms.
Add our dynamic forms to your website or intranet, or use them to allow your field staff to capture customer information on the go via their mobile device.

Collect and streamline valuable user-centric business data with online claim submissions, account, policy or loan applications, forms downloads and more.

React quickly to unforeseen events or market changes. Be the first to provide a way for your customers to answer, purchase, register, submit, share, download, upload or request. Impress them with your responsive service and support, and grow brand loyalty. Provide automated responses so your customers know you’re on to it.
The data collected in your web forms is transformed into personalised outputs such as licence renewals, marketing materials, financial proposals and policy documents - on time and with improved accuracy.

Additional information, calculations and process decisions based on defined criteria can be included based on defined criteria.

Easy to configure business rules allow the routing of collected information straight into business technologies like CRM, where it directly populates fields within the solution. Or information can be pulled from your CRM to allow a more dynamic interaction for both business users and customers.

Web form data which is introduced into your CRM is immediately actionable and available for inclusion in documents such as quotes, statements of work, proposal generation and contracts.


Replace a multitude of expensive paper forms
Reduced reliance on external IT services
Single data entry
Satisfied customers
Your users can access smart web forms online or offline and on multiple devices.

And the information you collect can be automatically routed direct to your existing business system or information management solution. Once you’ve got the data where you want it, it’s ready to use.