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Streamlined document management and data processes


Take control of your documents with DocuShare, one of the most easy-to-use and versatile web-based content management solutions on the market. Experience dramatic savings, reduce risk and streamline processes.

As well as managing paper and digital content, DocuShare brings automation to your business processes. Employees, customers, constituents and partners can find and access the information they need 24/7. The web-based interface allows distributed and mobile workforces to work cohesively in real-time, and create, edit, upload, print and share as though in one location.


Spend up 80% less time finding information
Save up to 50% in operational costs
Reduce costs and carbon footprint
Reduce risk and improve control
Rock solid security
Efficient compliance
Comprehensive audit trails
Rapid user adoption

Efficiently manage documentation from the moment it is created, through user edits, to the time it’s out-of-date and needs to be retired or destroyed. If it’s time critical, then DocuShare Lifecycle Manager takes care of it.

DocuShare Lifecycle Manager streamlines the process of reviewing and updating business critical documents, and reduces the cost of regulatory compliance. Automate the enforcement and management of document lifecycle events including the publication, distribution and periodic review of aging content, as well as document retention, expiration and removal.


Meet all of your business or regulatory compliance obligations
Ensure all available or visible content is current and correct
Eliminate the publication of outdated content
Extended scalability and optimised performance of your content management system
If your organisation processes millions of documents, then DocuShare Enterprise is ready to support you. It delivers power, scalability and performance.

Ideal for the large organisation, DocuShare Enterprise can handle the vast quantities of documents generated or submitted on a daily basis by a large distributed workforce, customer base and external partners. It allows your organisation to configure and automate high-volume, document-centric business processes. DocuShareEnterprise supports case management, mortgage loan applications, claims processing, HR and new hire onboarding, healthcare policy, procedural updates, SOPs/ISO manuals and handbooks, student registration and reports, government permits, forms processing and accounts payables and receivables*.

* Capabilities and features described here apply to on-site installations only.


Reduced costs for developing, deploying and maintaining document-intensive business processes
Smooth-running, integrated enterprise CRM and ERP systems, including Human Resources, Financials, Sales, and Customer Support applications
Improved employee effectiveness and customer response times
Standardised methods for collecting, routing, reviewing, approving, and distributing digital and paper documents