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On-the-go document access, creatopn, printing, sharing and management


Your employees can open, read, edit, upload and manage business documents on their mobile devices. It’s business as usual wherever they are, and no matter how they’re connected.

Today’s workplace is no longer defined by a physical office space, or a workspace by a single computing device. It’s a truly mobile world where employee productivity and timeliness can be maximised. DocuShare, our web-based document management system, provides applications to securely access, manage, share and print content.

It doesn’t matter where they are. With a mobile device in hand, sales teams can access accurate, current information – pricing, marketing collateral, RFP templates and more. On-site engineers and architects can view technical documents and drawings, or take and upload photographs or video. Manufacturing workers can retrieve drawings, QC documents, MSDS or other company information from the shop floor. Even while school is out, educators can develop curriculum, share notes with other teachers, or save research articles for in-classroom use. And healthcare workers can access and update patient-related documents, or fill out and submit a prescription order form.


More efficient and connected employees and teams
consistent business processes
Direct entry of information into workflow
Enriched information capture with photographs and videos
Extend mobile capabilities to your customers so they can pay bills, deposit funds, open and update accounts, apply for loans, and remember all over again why they love dealing with you.

Our mobile out-of-the-box frameworks make it simple to configure applications which give your customer more choices. Using their mobile devices they can upload images of invoices, cheques, barcodes and more. From here, real-time and highly accurate data can be extracted, validated and pushed directly into your business workflow. Customers are empowered to make payments or deposits directly from their mobile device, apply for mortgages, add bill payees, or even supply verified proof of identity.


Improved customer service and experience
Significantly extended customer loyalty
Integrated and enhanced mobile services
Increased revenue and reduced back office costs
Streamline the approval of your supplier invoices with our mobile invoice approval application. An ‘out-of-office’ message no longer means a bottleneck in the AP process.

Mobile invoice approval ensures that managers can review and approve supplier invoices, easily and rapidly, from wherever they are. Invoice processing is faster and more efficient.


Streamlined AP process
Happier suppliers
Managers stay on top of workloads even while traveling