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Access and use data from multiple business systems


Need great looking business documents, invoices or reports? Want personalised customer communications? You can redesign existing layouts, adapt PDFs, or start from scratch and add a wealth of content from a range of sources with our document designer.

Easily manipulate and enrich the design and content of your invoices, reports or any business document. Gain full access to all organisational images, dynamic graphics, data from print streams, databases, XML files or any other text based format. Then pick, choose, and add.

Merge data from multiple systems to personalise outgoing communications, and use wizards to add dynamic data-driven content including images, graphs and text.


Save time and money on document design
Deliver highly personalised and compelling content to your customers
Maximised use of data from all your systems
Maximise the impact of every communication with your customers. Turn the white space on both non-marketing and marketing collateral into an opportunity to market, up-sell, cross-sell and cement customer loyalty.

Access and use the knowledge you already have in your organisation to add targeted offers based on your customers’ previous purchasing behaviour. Introduce them to new products and services, offer coupons, reminders, discounts and more. Fill in the whitespaces on invoices, statements and other business documents or create highly personalised direct marketing material. With the data in your business systems unlocked, every type of customer communication delivers a return on investment.


Leverage existing customer data
Increased sales without added expense
Transactional documents become marketing opportunities
We help you engage with customers through a multitude of channels including email, SMS, self-service web portals and social media. From outright sales offers to how-did-we-do surveys to thank you notes: if it’s digital and data-driven, we can help you do it.

The growth of electronic communications reflects the change in how we all use and relate to personal technology. Our solution ensures that you can access the data needed to make sure these communications are optimised, relevant, personalised and allow real-time recipient interaction. It’s all part of providing your customers with an impressive user experience and control over how they engage with your organisation, while developing greater loyalty and more cross sell opportunities.


Engaged and loyal customers
More opportunities across more channels