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A white heron of single flight, signifies how significant and rare it is to sight a kōtuku. So too the recent development of Fuji Xerox New Zealand's turnaround plan and vision for the future.

Fuji Xerox here in New Zealand continue to work hard every day to rebuild the trust of our customers and community in the Fuji Xerox brand. We have made extensive changes to ensure that today, the company is run in a principled way that adheres to the highest levels of corporate governance and ethical behaviour.

Our response to the Independent Investigation Committee (IIC) report has been comprehensive and far reaching and we have implemented a series of measures, policies and processes to ensure we operate our business in an open, honest and transparent manner, all underpinned by the highest ethical standards.

Technology & Innovation - Fuji Xerox is one of the most recognised technology brands in the world with a Commitment to innovation a key part of the DNA of the company. We have an extensive range of offerings from printers and office multifunction devices through to high volume colour production systems, document management solutions, robotic process automation and accounts payable solutions. Our global commitment to research and development ensures we continue to offer our customers here in New Zealand the best available technology.

For a business with a long history of producing technology that prints on paper, we understand the implications of digital disruption and we have a growing consulting practice dedicated to working with our clients on their digital transformation journeys.

Within our own business we are constantly looking for ways to innovate to make us operate more efficiently and effectively and we too are on a digital transformation journey using the expertise of our enterprise consulting practice to guide us.

We recognise that all our customers are looking to reduce their respective environmental footprint and we are proud to be able to provide them with industry leading energy efficient products, solutions to help them print less and an industry first Minister for the Environment Accredited take programme for all end of life Fuji Xerox machines and consumables.

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